The "Hottest" Popping Cork on the Texas Coast !

Ready to use
Proven fish attractor
Tangle free casting
Hand crafted quality
Replaceable 30#
bottom leader
for long use
No wire to kink
popping cork

4", 3", 2"


Rattle "chatter" and
"reflections" simulate
the sights and sounds
of pods of baitfish
Customize the cork's
floating angle to your
own specifications by
adding weight directly
below the rattle

Research of Speckled Trout feeding patterns has shown that trout feed using three senses - sound, sight, and smell. The Texas Rattlin' Rig was developed with these results in mind.
popping cork
As the rig is popped, slurps and rattling sounds simulate surface feeding, flipping tails of baitfish, and the snapping of shrimp. This noise is a primary factor needed to attract the attention of Trout. Once their attention is captured, they instinctively react and are drawn toward the sound.
popping cork

The sense of sight is then introduced by the holographic reflection of light cast from the sides of the rattle, simulating pods of baitfish and shrimp, to lure the Trout closer to the bait. As the Trout swim closer to the rattling sounds and flickers of light, they zero in on the brightest flash given off by the spoon.
popping cork

At this close range, the scent of the bait provides the last of the three proven triggers that provide optimum conditions for Trout to feed. Even if Trout are not in a feeding pattern, they are enticed to feed because each of the three senses are stimulated.

I have been fishing saltwater for thirty years and developed the Texas Rattlin' Rig to incorporate my experience of what works the best for catching Speckled Trout into one setup. I have seen countless times where the Texas Rattlin' Rig out performed others due to its Catch-ability and Durability.
popping cork
WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT the Texas Rattlin' Rig?
Each Rattlin' Rig is handmade, one-by-one. Special care is taken to ensure that each knot is properly tied and each part is individually inspected for flaws and/or defects prior to manufacture.

Buy one and try it.
What do you have to lose? Isn't it worth the small cost for an extra edge for a more successful fishing trip?  I firmly believe in this product and trust that you will find that the Texas Rattlin' Rig will perform above the rest you have tried. When your friends ask you what you were using - please tell them,

  even though you may be tempted not to!



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